991 Tattoo - really??

Never expected to see sneaker tattoos! 4 real !! This one is of the 991.5, the retro/modern take of my iconic 991 design - What fun to run into this image. Is it real ink or temporary?

991.5 tattoo.jpg

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market

Had a terrific time last week at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in snowy SLC Utah. I caught up with old colleagues, made new connections, saw a plethora of new product and heard the stories behind them. A highlight was to catch up with my friends at MUCK, and see the boots I designed debuted.


991 part of event in Australia - New Balance’s 99X Series - @uptherestore

The 991 running shoe is one of my first projects with NB, and my first 1 million pair style. It is part of an extensive and in-depth photographic retrospective, and historical archive of New Balance’s 99X series. Love the dramatic photography and design analysis of this series. I recall the internal hesitation to bring a more modern style to this iconic style, but the update was a huge success! The design language carried on for more than a decade.

Good ol' 991 is blowing up my instagram feed

I have been seeing the 991- one of my first projects I designed in Lawrence for New Balance back in 2000- all over my instagram feed this winter. Great to see the style relevant today, and supporting manufacturing in the Flimby UK factory.

Diller and Scofidio Talk @ the Boston I.C.A.

On a cool Saturday November afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending a standing room only lecture at the Boston I.C.A :  Meet the Architects Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio. This duo designed the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art's building built in 2006. Their most notable creation is the High Line in NYC. They were there to promote the new book about the High Line.

Last time I saw them present was when they were competing for the job to design the new I.C.A. building. Them, as well as other notable architects, presented there work to a public audience at a theater in the Back Bay. The attendees were able to comment, and influence the decision of whom was chosen. I recall this event as outstanding, with architects from Iceland and Switzerland also competing.

Since then, their careers have skyrocketed. What a treat to see them sitting in the lobby of their creation telling stories of creating the High Line. FYI- there has been ZERO crime on the high line, they were not confident that people would come, and now the park gets 4 million visitors a year, and the whole neighborhood is being developed around this neighborhood gem.  Check out his bright socks!


Go Mets! NB Baseball

I had a blast watching players on the NB Roster wearing our cleats, and sweeping the NCIS 2015. Curtis Granderson, Daniel Murphy, and Yoenis Cespedes all are wearing NB custom cleats that myself and the NB Baseball Product Team created for them. Here is a style I designed for Granderson that showcases his charity ( Grand Kids ) and favorite expression ( Don't think, have fun! )


I was able to spend a beautiful fall morning touring several houses in the Moon Hill, and Peacock Farm neighborhoods in Lexington Massachusetts. A rare "house tour day" was arranged by the Lexington Historical Society to conclude their "Lextopia!" exhibit. What a treat to tour private homes of rightfully "house proud" home owners of these mid century gems. My favorite house had the original kitchen cabinets. My favorite room was a master bedroom addition with floor to ceiling windows, and a closet/corridor running behind the bed.  The reasonable scale of the houses, setting in the hilly plots, and the inside>outside connection with large windows and access to decks was impressive.  Pictures were not allowed inside the homes, so I snapped one of a beautifully landscaped backyard.  Great vibe overall -no fences allowed in these neighborhoods, and the home owners and fellow participants were beaming with excitement to be able to tour these homes.


This past Friday evening I attended a Cocktail Party with in the Lextopia exhibit. The well curated display celebrates the Mid Century buildings constructed in Lexington Massachusetts. Cleverly, martini and manhattan cocktails were served, alongside chex mix, pigs in a blanket, and other retro snacks.

I was able to meet some "creative cousins" working in architecture, interior design, surface design, and even a women who collects vintage Marimekko textiles. We all share a common love of Mid Century design.

I ogled vintage dansk and russell wright housewares, vintage drafting tools and construction documents, and the mural of the original Esterbrook School.


MIT Media Lab talk- Theo Jansen = art/science intersection

I spent a rainy afternoon inside the MIT Media lab being delighted by Theo Jansen!  He is a Dutch artist that is hard to explain- his work intersects art + nature + physics. He creates "Strandbeests" created of PVC pipe, zip ties, and elastic that can walk along the beach with the slight push of the wind or human hand. He is in the Boston area promoting his upcoming exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum, and attracting large curious crowds. The questions asked by the genius MIT academic crowd, answers by the hyper-creative artist, and the uber-modern space made for an enriching experience for the design geeks of the area.

You have to see the video to understand!

Creative Mornings Talk Boston- Josh Lafayette

I spent an inspiring Friday morning at the cool creative space District Hall in South Boston listening to a super talk by Josh LaFayette.  He spoke of his struggle to make it as an independent illustrator. His sense of humor, love of his profession, and drive to constantly create were infectious...AND he has a REALLY cute baby boy named Henry who contributed on que. I look forward to sharing the video when it is published. #CMboston talks are always worth the trip, and the coffee is delish too!

Textile Museum in Sweden

I was able to spend a rainy day exploring an inspiring Textile Museum in Boras, Vastergotland, Sweden. Vastergotland is the premiere textile region of Sweden. There was an exhibit of Lars Wallin fashion designs, rugs made from recycled goods, smart textiles, and student work. Look for the lighting made by sneakers, and birch bark textile